Breakthrough – a really good overview of what we do

Breakthrough is a free service we run with Southern Response customers whose claims are not making the kind of progress they need. There are a whole raft of reasons why progress can be slow but with some additional support many homeowners are able to progress in a way that leaves them feeling more confident.

It’s a facilitation service rather than an advocacy service. We don’t negotiate for a specific claim outcome because we’re not lawyers, quantity surveyors or engineers. We are, however, able to facilitate a constructive discussion where homeowners can have the conversation they need to have with the right people at Southern Response. There is one collective aim – to understand where the claim is at from the homeowner’s perspective and what needs to happen for the claim to progress to the next stage.

Who can it help?

Absolutely anyone who is a Southern Response customer. Because Breakthrough is about trying to get things progressing where they have slowed down you can be anywhere in the process from having a first site meeting to being in the midst of repairs or a rebuild. Breakthrough has helped homeowners who:

  • thought the only option left was to head to court,
  • had stopped talking to Southern Response,
  • thought they should wait for others to get through first,
  • had just gone over cap after a long wait with EQC

How does it work?

There are a few ways to get involved:

  • You reach out to us – Anyone who is a Southern Response customer can give us a call and ask us to facilitate a discussion.
  • We reach out to you – Southern Response has asked us to contact customers whose claims are progressing slower than they expected, so we may phone or email you.
  • You are referred – Another earthquake support service or your claims specialist may refer you if they think we can be of help.

This meeting is about us listening to you. Through listening, we can help you figure out what you really want to say, where you think you are stuck, and how you think progress can be made. This meeting normally takes an hour or two and happens in a place where you are comfortable.

We write up notes based on our conversation which also form the agenda for the facilitated meeting with Southern Response. You check they are accurate and make any changes you want to. If you want to go ahead with a facilitated meeting we ask you to sign a consent form so that we can send the notes off to the Southern Response manager we think is best to help with your claim. Click here to see what the ‘homeowner meeting’ notes look like.

Once Southern Response have read the notes we give them a week to gather everything they need to make sure they can answer your questions and address your concerns. Before the facilitated meeting we check the staff are ready and let you know that everything is on track for a productive meeting.

We have this meeting where you feel most comfortable, e.g. the CanCERN office, your home, or another neutral meeting space. We work hard to set the right tone and reinforce that the meeting is led by the homeowner’s needs. Sometimes people are really nervous about the meeting and expect it to be a battle but most walk out feeling like it was one of the best meetings they’ve had in the last five years.

At the end of every facilitated meeting we write up another set of notes that include what actions were agreed to, who is responsible to ensure they happen, and how long they will take to be completed. Click here to see what the ‘facilitated meeting’ notes look like.

Part of our role is to check up and make sure everyone is on track to complete actions on time. If there are delays, we figure out why they have occurred and make sure everything is communicated back to homeowner. Further down the track if you need Breakthrough again, we will help.

What does it cost?

Breakthrough is completely free for the homeowner. Southern Response is independently contracting us to run the service. This type of independent contract is fairly standard for facilitation industry-wide. You could liken it to the way Southern Response sometimes pays for the cost of an independent quantity surveyor’s report, for example.

What now?

Email, call or text CanCERN’s Breakthrough Project Manager:

Marcus Irvine
027 304 8092