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Funding Information for Community Groups

Thanks to Christchurch Council of Social Services for this information. The full CCOSS newsletter can be read here.

Lottery Grants Information – Change in Funding Round Dates

Rather than being open for applications all the time Lottery funding rounds now have an opening date. This means that you won’t be able to submit an application prior to the opening date.

Please note that there has been a change in closing and meeting dates for Regional Community Committees – the next opening date for Regional Community Committees is 2 April 2014, with a closing date of 28 May and a meeting/decision date of 1-12 September (see below).  Applications must be submitted on or before the closing date to be considered for funding.

We suggest that you note these dates now to help you plan your funding calendar for the year.


Application opening date

Application closing date

Meeting date

National Community Committee  

7 May 2014

1 October 2014

23 October 2013

2 July 2014

26 November 2014

17 – 18 April 2014

1 – 10 October 2014

7 – 11 April 2015

Regional Community Committees 2 April 2014

1 October 2014

28 May 2014

26 November 2014

1 – 12 September 2014

7 – 11 April 2015

Community Facilities Fund  

18 June 2014


10 December 2014

26 February 2014

13 August 2014


18 February 2015

4 June 2014

17 – 21 November 2014

24 – 29 May 2015

World War One Commemorations,
Environment and Heritage Committee


18 June 2014

10 December 2014

20 November 2013


13 August 2014

18 February 2015

15 April 2014


17 – 21 November 2014

24 – 29 May 2015

Marae Heritage and Facilities  

18 June 2014

10 December 2014

5 February 2014

13 August 2014

18 February 2015

30 May 2014

17 – 21 November 2014

24 – 29 May 2015

Outdoor Safety Committee 5 March 2014 30 April 2014 5 – 8 August 2014
Community Sector Research 25 June 2014 20 August 2014 3 – 6 November 2014
Health Research Committee  2 July 2014  27 August 2014 13 – 16 October 2014

Lottery Grants Board sets Digital Literacy as a Priority

The Lottery Grants Board has added digital literacy as a new priority, alongside the existing priorities, across all relevant distribution committees (Lottery Community Committees and Community Facilities Committee).

Digital literacy refers to the access people have to computers and their capability in using online tools.  Digital literacy is recognised as being an increasingly important area which supports the learning, training and professional development of New Zealanders, increasing their ability to connect with each other, communities and government.

For more information see


COGS Important Notice – Change of Date

Dates for the Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) are changing.  The 2014 COGS funding round opened on Wednesday 26 March 2014 and close on Wednesday 14 May 2014, with decisions announced in August.

We are making changes to our business in order to improve the way we process and assess grant applications.  This year, in the first of two phases, we are changing dates and streamlining timeframes.  COGS applications will be processed quicker this year and you will find out about the outcome of your application sooner.  Successful applicants will receive their grants earlier in the year, from August 2014.

In 2015, phase two will see COGS go live on a new online application system which will simplify the process of applying for funding.  This is part of a project that aims to collect information from community groups once, to reduce the number of questions asked, and to give you more transparency about where your application sits within the decision-making process.

More information (including a timeline) can found on our website by clicking on the link below:—Crown-Funds—Community-Organisation-Grants-Scheme


CERA Funding: Rotary has been asked by Cera to help strengthen communities and have a web site at  They have been established to support locally initiated projects that contribute towards improving wellbeing and building resilient communities and neighbourhoods’. Applicants to the fund can apply for up to $500 for small neighbourhood events and up to $4,000 for larger community events.


Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities Fund for 2014-15

Small Grants Fund (grants of $5000 and under).  Applications open on Wednesday 16 April and close on Saturday 31 May 2014.

For more information see

The Council will hold grants funding information sessions to ensure community organisations have the opportunity to seek information and have all their questions answered before they submit their applications for community funding.  The Council’s community funding information sessions run until Tuesday 22 April.  The information sessions will be held at a number of venues throughout the city.  Visit or phone 941 8999 for more information.  Bookings are not required.


The Working Together More Fund

The WTMF has been supporting collaborative initiatives and mergers since 2009.this fund supports not for profit organisations that want to partner up with at least one other business group or community organisation – or be seeking funding to explore potential partnerships The WTMF committee meets three times a year to assess applications. Close off dates for submitting applications in 2014 are at 5pm on:

  • Friday, 11 July 2014
  • Friday, 31 October 2014

For more information go to t


The Fletcher Trust is pleased to receive applications for assistance from groups working in the areas of education and youth development. There is no formal application form.  Instead, organisations are invited to put their case for consideration forward in their own words.  As The Trust meets quarterly, applicants can usually expect a prompt response.

Every application is treated on its merits, but the Trust’s main aim is to support education and youth development programmes. In particular, applications for ‘start-up’ funding are welcome as the Trust recognises how difficult it can be to launch even the most worthwhile project.  The Trust accepts one application per 12 months from any organisation.  If you do receive a grant, funds must be used within one year and evidence of this may be required.  The Trust will not provide funds for national appeals or appeals by a second party, or for investment, salaries, wages, individuals or travel.

Website address is:



Canterbury Community Trust have renamed their sectors and moved some groups from their old sectors to new sectors.  If you are unsure of which sector group you are now in please contact the Canterbury Community Trust.

Arts & Heritage Sector – organisations that support or promote activities in visual /performance art, festivals or preserve our regions Heritage. Closes 20th April.

For further information  ph 335 0305 or call free 0508 266 878.  Email



The Tindall Foundation provides funding for providers of services to young children, families, youth development, Maori and minority ethnic groups, adult literacy, budgeting or community services and development.  There is no closing date. See the Tindall Foundation website



The Learning Fund J R McKenzie Trust

The Learning Fund makes small grants (up to $500) towards the costs to access the learning opportunities where sharing happens. If there’s a conference or a training session which is relevant to this work, but you can’t afford the registration fee or you’d like to visit another organisation doing this kind of work and need financial help to get there. To find out more go to



Rotary Neighbourhood Project

Do you have a great idea for your community? Well, get your neighbours together, tell Rotary about your project so they can try and give you a hand to make it happen.

• Cultural Events • Community Barbecue • Street Party • Book Club Launch • Welcome Packs for the Neighbourhood • Neighbourhood film Night • Neighbourhood Market • Art Exhibition • Clean up Campaign • Beautification & Landscaping Project • Neighbourhood Sports Day • Small Business Workshop • Adopt-a-Grandparent Programme • Community Fair…

The Neighbourhood Project Fund has been established to support locally initiated projects that contribute towards improving wellbeing and building resilient communities and neighbourhoods. Read more at the link –

Funding for Community Groups

Jetstar Flying Start – Entries for the next round of funding under the Flying Start Programme are now open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations from New Zealand seeking to help enhance the lives of people in their local community. Entries close 5pm (NZST) 30 June 2013. For application details. click here.

Rotary Neighbourhood Grant
Rotary has been asked by Cera to help strengthen communities and have a website at They have been established to support locally initiated projects that contribute towards improving wellbeing and building resilient communities and neighbourhoods’. Applicants to the fund can apply for up to $500 for small neighbourhood events and up to $4,000 for larger community events.

Canterbury Social Support Fund
Have money to support grassroots community resilience activities. They won’t fund capital items or food and are also not keen to fund positions. Email link:

Opening date 1 June 2013, Closing date 31 July 2013
This is funding of small grants for local organisations delivering local services in response to local community needs. Priority is given to organisations that have limited access to funding so organisations with more than 50% income from government contracts are less likely to be funded. Please submit applications online and submit supporting documents by email to

Lottery Community Committee
A reminder that there are now two rounds per year, so there is no July closing date. The next closing date is 13 Nov 2013 for a March distribution meeting.

Lottery Community Sector Research Fund
This fund is for the undertaking and use of research and evaluation by and for community organisations. For more details please go to our website or call 0800 824 824 and ask for the Advisor responsible for the fund.
Grant recipients are required to upload their research findings/report to

First Aid Kit Fundraising Idea

First Aid kits make an ideal fundraising product. Everybody needs one and they are very easy to sell. At Fundraising First Aid , we supply a quality First Aid kit that your group can resell at a significant profit – and we make the whole fundraising process easy for you by supplying everything you need including order forms and promotional fliers which can be downloaded from our website. You don’t even need to purchase any stock from us until after you have collected your individual orders. Simply use our promotional materials to advertise the kits to your families and community, then place your bulk order with us.

Our First Aid kit (which even includes a digital thermometer!) has a suggested selling price of $39 inc GST. You can purchase each kit from us for only $27 inc GST, meaning a profit of $12 for each kit sold *. (less any GST if applicable). Click here for more information

Rotary and Fulton Hogan donate a CanCERN Start-Up Safety Kit / Tool Box

Lindsay Crossen and Brian shake on the start of things to come…..
Rotary have been working behind the scenes hunting through 2nd hand shops and coordinating with Fulton Hogan to bring us our first lot of Safety Equipment and information to use with our Recycle Project. Lindsay Crossen has been a great help supplying us with safety information and ideas and ensuring that we get good information and gear right from the start. A big thanks to Lindsay and the Rotary team.


Variety Christchurch Earthquake Fund Application – This grant is available for those families with children who are facing hardship and need some financial help for the basics. Variety – the children’s charity website is

Click here for a list of funding options for community groups.

The Community Event Funding is still available to reimburse costs for local events. Contact Te Whare Roimata ( or Manuka Cottage /Addington ( for more information.

Individual Hardship Grants and Financial Assistance Information – Click here for eligibility criteria and links to application forms for Red Cross Grants and Christchurch, Waimakariri and Selwyn Local Authority Grants.

Hugh Green Passes Away

Earlier this week Hugh Green of the Hugh Green Foundation ( one of CanCERN’s funders) passed away. Click here to read more. The Board has sent an appropriate message to the foundation on behalf of CanCERN. We would like to acknowledge that this must be a difficult time for the Foundation and its members.

Please note that without our funders, the Hugh Green Foundation, the Todd Foundation and the Tindall Foundation we certainly would not be able to employ staff and maintain the level of work that we do. We once again thank them for their continued support into 2013.


Once again we took up the opportunity to present to the Philanthropy New Zealand. Our key messages were for funders to collaborate together in clusters, to bring local people into the granting process to ensure their objectives aligned with what will really make an impact in Canterbury and to make the application processes simple and timely.

We also co-hosted a workshop looking at how micro-granting could work to allow smaller and less formal community groups and networks to carry out community initiatives. Another aspect of this workshop was discussing how to acknowledge and support community leaders to avoid loss through burnout. We will continue to work with others to progress these ideas.


We are delighted to announce CanCERN has received further funding from the Tindall Foundation. They have split the grant between themselves and the Hugh Green Charitable Trust. We greatly appreciate the support these organizations, along with the Todd Foundation, continue to show us in the work we do.