Well the week is almost over and yet not as we step one day closer to the start of the Expo. I must admit I thought that this Expo would not amount to much because of the limited amount of time available to put it together. After meeting the organizers today and seeing what is going to happen this is could be something that we may regret we didn’t go to. With over 60 agencies going to be present on 3 floors surely this is one of the best opportunities we have to ask as many questions as we like. A chance to put the tough questions to the insurance agencies, EQC, the banks, CERA and then come up to the top floor to have coffee with CanCERN. I think is probably the best therapy we could get at the moment and of course a great opportunity for the agencies to really find out what people want to know… SO please get the word out. CanCERN Members who want to help out…. Expo Roster – click here. Thanks heaps. Brian (PS: sorry the newsletter is pretty thin this week).
• Are you affected by the recent land announcements?
• Are you thinking about buying, renting or building?
• Where would you like to go?
• What land is available?
• What banking and insurance support can you get?
Expo Sat 30 & Sun 31 July 2011
More than 60 support agencies and organisations will be there to answer your questions.