There have been a lot of small but pertinent successes this week as we have worked to establish new relationships and to consolidate others within earthquake recovery. We keep saying we are on the cusp of x,z and z but it appears that CanCERN’s place in the recovery IS on the cusp of x, y and z! As things fall into place and others see the value of working with us, new opportunities for community participation and collaboration are presented. This is a wonderful, if not exhausting place to be.
The CanCERN Board has been meeting and processes, roles and responsibilities are getting a little clearer. Part of this discussion has been about how to make our own CanCERN meetings more effective so hopefully we will see some changes that allow for a greater awareness of what is happening in each community as well as efficient ways of discussing priorities so Betty can actually lock the door before 8pm!
Stay warm this weekend!