For all the snow that came grinding Canterbury to halt for a few days, it has been an extremely busy week. The Waimakariri folk have had their land announcements, the first tranche of CERA’s letters of offer are being couriered to the initial Red Zone residents and the Earthquake Assistance Centre has officially opened in the Avondale Golf Course. Not bad for a three day week!

Hearing the news of the 960 Kaiapoi and Pines Beach red zoned houses was an opportunity to reflect on what these decisions mean. There really is a relief to know the status of the land and get a decision (and at this stage we all feel disappointed that there are still so many in the Orange and White Zones) but beyond that, there is a lot of “the unknown” about the future of many Red Zoners. The questions that are unanswered still leave people with a sense that it is going to be a long time before we can move onto something that may feel like normality. I imagine there are also many in the Green Zone whose land has suffered significant damage who also feel similarly. But one thing that we have noticed over the last week or two is the desire from CERA to be able to improve the communication to residents. The CERA video link below is a good example of this and the offer from Roger Sutton to feedback what you would like addressed in these kind of videos is one that we should take up. We have a responsibility as individuals and communities to be constructive in our communication with those that make decisions and to actually let them know what would help us start the process of recovery.