“Go to the people, live among them, learn from them , start with what they know, build upon what they have, but of best leaders, when their task is accomplished, their work is done, the people remark ‘ we have done it ourselves’ (Lao Tse)

Dear CanCERN members

We have been trying for some time to clarify whether or not home owners can actually relocate their houses and how this would happen. Insurers generally say it is an option although they are not sure how that would be figured out financially and whether it would stay in line with policies. CERA’s red zone offer information also suggests that it may be a possibility but the process for how that may happen is again somewhat unclear. We have met with a couple of relocating companies who obviously are in favour of this idea and can frame up a very good argument as to why it should be on the discussion table. Simply it can be a cost effective and faster option. Property developers also have a role in this discussion as they are usually the ones that set the covenants for subdivisions. And of course the Local Authorities have a major role in terms of consents. Frustratingly, this seems to be a discussion that is taking too long and one that is being held in separate rooms as opposed to all being in the same room. The ‘mechanics’ of this process needs to be clarified quickly so people can add (or delete) this to their possible options when making decisions for their future. We are currently working hard to bring these ‘murmurings’ together in a timely fashion so people can have a clearer idea of whether or not relocating homes is a viable option.

Following on from that thought, the more we are talking with people, the more we realise much is still not locked down and things are still be discussed and developed. For this reason, we suggest you DO NOT RUSH INTO ANY DECISIONS. Certainly not if relocation is an option that is appealing to you. Do take the time to understand your situation and your options but don’t feel you need to decide too early.

The CERA Red Zone Workshops next week are an opportunity for community leaders to show their faces. CERA is keen to acknowledge community leaders there so residents can connect if they want. If you are available to attend any of the sessions in the newsletter below, can you please let us know which sessions ASAP (Please note this is a good time to promote CanCERN and support our residents as well as CERA).

Have a good weekend.

Leanne and Brian