“Christmas Pudding Charms
Silver Christmas charms bring you good fortune.
Packaging Notice: Potential choking hazard: do not use with food.”

Dear Members
The end of the year is now just around the corner and ‘thank goodness’ is all we can really say as this year has been long and arduous for all concerned. No-one anywhere would want to see a repeat of the shocks and confusion that has been generated by mother nature in 2011. To the many who are still waiting on decisions on timelines and orange and white zones our thoughts go out to you. To those who have lost homes, friends, family or neighbours we know this first Christmas and New Year will be very different from last year. Look out for each other and keep an eye on the papers for all the free events that are coming our way.

If in doubt have a laugh and we will see you all in 2012.

warm regards

Leanne and Brian