“Well done is better than well said.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Dear Members

We hope you’re all fired up for 2012 and ready to tackle the issues together as strong communities. A few people have noted ‘a change in the air’ with regard to residents dealing with recovery issues so we need to be well connected to the people and work hard to ensure we create opportunities to lead recovery in ways that work best for the people. Benjamin Franklin’s quote above is something to keep in the front of our minds!

CanCERN has moved into Marion College, premises shared with teams from CERA and possibly other recovery agencies. This move means Brian can have his kitchen table back but also allows us to maintain collaborative relationships with teams involved in recovery. Already we are seeing the benefit of this situation as we speed up the two-way information flow.

The first CanCERN meeting is this Tuesday, 24 January, same time and same place. This is the beginning of the new cycle – general meeting one fortnight and strategic meeting the following fortnight. We have kept general meetings aside as a time to have presentations and speakers and have secured speakers for the first three general meetings. If there are people you believe it would be beneficial to hear from and it fits within our strategic direction, please email Leanne on leanne@cancern.org.nz.

CLICK HERE to read the latest media release from CCC announcing that it has commissioned an independent audit and review of its communication function to identify what it’s doing well and what needs to improve, in particular: the processes, structure and systems used to communicate internally and externally. We welcome this announcement and are pleased the Council is acknowledging concerns which have been raised.

Just a wee heads up – if you have left your red zone property, make sure your insurance for that place has been cancelled. Some are finding that even though their insurance may have transferred to a new property they are still paying for the vacated home.

Warm regards