Thanks to members who have seen the funny side to the Canterbury Earthquakes TOP TEN HITS. If you have missed them here they are; Jump, Shake Rattle and Roll, We Will Rock You, A Whole Lot a Shakin Goin On, Free Fallin, When The Walls Come Tumbling Down, Bits and Pieces, This Old House, Help and Shaking All Over.

Dear Members
This week we have moved on to higher places as we have been ousted from our one week old office downstairs to the first floor upstairs at Marion College. Needless to say we have a better view, and we can now see you coming should you wish to visit us. We are at the back of the school sandwiched between the CERA residential demolition team and another CERA team we are yet to meet.
We can’t say it has been an easy week nor could we say it has been a busy week. It simply has been a week of getting our heads back into the work space and remembering what we need to focus on. It would be an understatement to say that EQC has been the hottest topic this week and a big thanks to our members who are working really hard to find out more about the new “apportionment” criteria.

Warm regards

Leanne and Brian