“Make your life a mission – not an intermission” ~ Unknown.

An interesting quote to ponder. So much of life after the earthquakes seems to be about waiting. The idea of having a break certainly has appeal as we all suffer from tiredness and frustration to different degrees but it strikes me (having had to sit here and be a bit confined with my crutches) that sitting around waiting for others to get to me is more tiring than me getting up and doing for myself.

There are definitely things we have to wait for but there’s a whole lot more that we can do. We can start thinking about how we want this city to be, how we want to “be” with our neighborhoods, how we want our relationships in the community to be and we can start to pull these ideas together. There are many inspiring ideas out there – think about how you want to live in your city and do a bit of investigation. If there’s not a group already started, think about starting one. It only takes a couple of people talking in someone’s lounge to come up with a plan to make things better. It seems that we have opportunities to reflect (as we wait) that are too good to miss. Perhaps if we start talking the language of future and vision, we will find it easier to see life as a mission rather than an intermission..

There is quite a bit of information about 22 February commemoration planning in the suburbs. Please spread the word around your neighbourhoods. Think about making a poster and pegging it on a few lampposts. Make it your mission for the week!

Warm regards

Leanne and Brian