“He who straddles the barbed wire fence will suffer the inevitable anatomical incident” (Anonymous)

Dear Members
Winter is approaching and it seems like it wants to come early so we have started asking about how the agencies are preparing. CERA is working with DHB to produce some “winter tips” information to help us get through the colder months and as you may know the Red Cross has re-ignited the Winter Assistance Grant.
Also a quick reminder about the Free Financial Advice for the Red Zone Residents. All you need to do is call the hubs to make an appointment.

Call CERA Avondale Earthquake Assistance Centre 0800 74642372 OR
Call Kaiapoi Earthquake Hub 0800 639000 For more info visit www.sorted.org.nz/redzone

Please also note that CanCERN has been advocating for and has officially asked for an settlement date extension for the residents of the Red Zone. See below

warm regards

Brian and Leanne