‘Its amazing how much you can accomplish, if you don’t care who gets the credit’. (Abraham Lincoln)

Dear Members

More announcements today and our thoughts go out to all the newly red zoned residents around the Avon River (and a special thought for the one green zoned resident). Announcements bring good and bad feelings to residents depending on your personal situation. We hope you are well supported in your community and can lean on each other through the next phase.

To the Southshore people, your patience is astounding. Fingers (and legs, arms, and everything else) is crossed that you have clarity on your zoning very soon.

And we realise that white zoners and TC3 residents will also be feeling the stress of confusion today as there seems to be so little clarity about your relative situations. Bring back the days when no one thought in colours and everyone trusted the land underneath them. Weird times!

Red zoners who have yet to settle with the Crown, we have tried to demystify the process a little more in the newsletter so please have a read.

In the public notices you’ll see the advert for Heal Christchurch, an event being held in North Hagley Park this weekend. Might be worth a look on the website (registrations necessary) – we could all do with relieving some stress in our lives.

warm regards

Brian and Leanne