‘If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods
never before attempted ‘
(Francis Bacon)

Dear Members

It’s been an exciting week for CanCERN and we’ve picked up new readers so welcome!

Obviously the excitement has been due to our first “formal” push in media circles. A big learning curve for everyone and way more intense than we ever imagined. Members will be updated about this at next weeks meeting and there will be a more formal debrief in a few weeks time.

Simply put, we wish to thank all the members for their support through this past week and of course a big thanks to Leigh and Shannon at Convergence for their all hours of input and advice.
So was it successful? Well we had a total of 9 interviews, 2 media releases in support of what we did, 4 calls of support from Insurers, 3 Calls of support from Councils and numerous online comments in a range of places. Minister Brownlee responded to us within a matter of days (see below) and Leanne also got the opportunity to put a question to the Prime Minister on NewstalkZB. We also now have systems in place to do this whenever the members require to use this communication mechanism. You can be the judge of the success.

Things to note in this week’s newsletter:

  • New survey about EQC apportionment
  • Gerry Brownlee’s response letter to CanCERN
  • Becoming a CanCERN member
  • Essential Workshops – organising events and programmes
  • How to make an insurance or EQC complaint through the ombudsmen
  • Important information for Red Zoners with deadlines looming

Warm regards

Brian and Leanne