‘The problem is not how to get new innovative thoughts into your mind,
but how to get the old ones out’ (Dee Hock)

Dear Members

In light of all the discussions happening regarding housing issues, insurance delays, hardship and stress levels, the above quote is speaking to us. Surely it’s time to recognise that we are in a new environment and need some new and innovative thinking. Isn’t that what good leadership is?

The long awaited DBH TC3 Guidelines are due to be released this afternoon. I’m sure it feels like a big day and hopefully we will see some real progress but remember, no other document released so far has been the ‘Holy Grail’ nor have they come with all of the questions answered so be prepared for the inevitable delay as everyone seeks to understand the document in relation to policy decisions. When released, it is most likely to be found here.

We had some useful meetings this week – Department of Building and Housing and Fletcher EQR. Both organisations have shown a willingness to work more closely with CanCERN and community leaders so we look forward to making the most of these new relationships. Notes from both meetings are below.

There are a lot of community driven things happening at the moment – petitions, letter writing, community led meetings. These are all good signs that we are trying to solve issues ourselves and are willing participants in the earthquake recovery. Keep an eye out for ways you can voice your thoughts .

The weekend won’t be a boring one this weekend as there are lots of events to choose from (listed in the Public Notices at the end of the newsletter).

Warm regards

Brian and Leanne