‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work’
(Thomas Edison)

Dear Members

This week’s quote is a timely reminder that it’s going to take all of us to see this recovery through to a place where we can all be proud. We’re all responsible for different parts and the community is responsible for identifying and actioning opportunities we value. We talk a lot of our rights but they mean very little unless we chuck on some overalls, and the work that is our responsibility. This is also a good time to thank all of those community leaders who haven’t taken their metaphorical overalls off since the quakes began. Your energy and commitment is appreciated – lets hope it also inspires other emerging leaders to put their overalls on!

This week has been a bit of a mind boggler. We’ve had an opportunity to see more clearly where the gaps are in terms of shared data and knowledge that will enable the residential recovery to make progress in a coordinated way. The Southern Response/Arrow International meeting report sheds a little light in this area. We also met with EQC to discuss where things are at with land and all things land related. Again, the missing information was highlighted. As frustrating as this is to hear, it’s important that we identify those agencies and organisations that have yet to front up with necessary information and continue to put pressure on them to coordinate their priorities with all of those who need the shared information.

The Green Expo Survey responses are creeping up and as of this morning we’re at 128 responses. Please continue to push this survey as we have told CERA CanCERN will only offer its support if the right people are instructed to turn up with the right information delivered in the right way. This is one of those ‘overalls and responsibilities’ moments – if you haven’t already filled in the survey, do it now and use your networks to gather more responses please. Click here to go to the survey.

Finally, just because almost everyone asks us about apportionment, I thought I’d throw this Press Opinion article in to show you’re not alone in your confusion or frustration. Click here to read.

Just a wee note to members who take parts from the CanCERN newsletter to use in their own communications with residents – if it’s come from our newsletter, please add a note identifying that. It helps residents to know what CanCERN is doing and feel confident that many people are working on their behalf.

Warm regards

Leanne and Brian