‘The most important thing is to not stop questioning’ (Albert Einstein)

Dear Members

Asking questions is what we do best. Solutions to issues are touted in lounges, streets and communities and eventually they come to us by way of emails, community meetings and get togethers. We take those solutions and ask questions and every now and then, the questions turn into action. It can be a slow and frustrating experience and sometimes the answers or the action comes too late to help those that initially talked about it but maybe that’s what the strength of the community discussion is – we leave legacies that help others.

The idea of relocating houses from the red zone was talked of vigorously by those initially zoned red but for most it became too difficult to get the help we needed to make it a reality. Some brave souls managed to do it and have paved the way for others. CERA has now realised this could be a great solution and is now actively looking for land where relocated homes can be moved to. Details are below.

House ‘swapping’ from the red to the green zone and vice versa was also a conversation which arose from the initial zoning announcements but like the relocation solution, it became very difficult to get the answers we needed to turn this into a reality. Southshore residents are throwing this idea around now and hopefully they will be more successful and see this through. In support, CanCERN has requested information from CERA regarding their policy position on this and any other supporting information.

This week is a quick newsletter as we are spending the next two days being inspired at a conference about restoring and revitalising communities post disaster. Hopefully we will come out brimming with ideas about how we can help our communities really participate in their own recovery.

Just a wee note to members who take parts from the CanCERN newsletter to use in their own communications with residents – if it’s come from our newsletter, please add a note identifying that.

Warm regards

Leanne and Brian