“Common sense is not so common.”
― Voltaire, A Pocket Philosophical Dictionary

Dear Members

A little bed time story to help kick start your weekend.

The Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed as he approached the house of the First Little Pig.

“Little Pig, Little Pig please fix my house?”

“No problem wolf but our agreement with you only lets me build you a straw house. I can’t build a super nice one like you had. It’s the EQC way, ok?

Disgruntled the Big Bad Wolf shuffled along to the house of the 2nd Little Pig. Attempting to hold back his frustration he huffed and he puffed as nicely as he could.

“Little Pig, Little Pig please fix my house like it was. The First Little Pig will only build me a straw house”.

“No problem Wolf but our policies only let us fix your house if the First Little Pig says its ok. And even if the First Little Pig lets us fix your house you know we can only build you a wooden house coz the building guidelines say PVA glue will fix your house as good as new.”

By now the Wolf was running out of huff and puff and instead of going back to the First Little Pig to see if he would allow the 2nd Little Pig to fix his house, the wolf trundles along to the house of the Third Little Pig.

“Little Pig, Little Pig please talk to your brothers so that I can get my house fixed like it was?”

The 3rd Little Pig scrambled around searching for something to help solve this problem. He searched high. He searched low. He looked in, beside and under his Cabinet that was carefully positioned in the centre of his little brick hive.

“Where is that ‘common sense’ he said to himself “I know I put it somewhere…

Many months later the wolf returned to his broken house. The First and 2nd Little Pigs stayed in their houses re-interpreting their policies and the Third Little Pig, as far as we know, is still looking for his paper on ‘Common Sense’.

A lot of news this week everyone so our apologies for the length.

Just a wee note to members who take parts from the CanCERN newsletter to use in their own communications with residents – if it’s come from our newsletter, please add a note identifying that.

Warm regards

Leanne and Brian