Either not both – Stand out or fit in.
Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it’s always a choice. Those that choose to fit in should expect to avoid criticism (and be ignored). Those that stand out should expect neither. (Seth Godin)

Dear Members

We have had a good response to our call for people interested in ‘legal action as a group’ from last week and so we thought it was fitting that we use this quote – Stand out or fit in – to see if we could continue to gather support. It has been interesting to see that there are 3 very clear groups so far EQC, Rebuild to Repair (IAG) and having to wait too long. If you want to know more about this then please send us an email – info@cancern.org.nz . We will keep your contact details confidential and keep you posted. A big thanks to all those who have responded so far.

Also of importance is the news that CCC have sent a letter to our uninhabitable homes asking for confirmation that the house is still uninhabitable and therefore legitimately qualifying for continued 40% rates relief.

Despite this letter being dated 28th May 2012, it only got to the mail box on 13th June 2012. It states that FAILURE to respond by next Friday 22nd June 2012, it will be assumed that you are living back at your respective property, warm fine and dandy!!

Please ensure that you check your old mail box to get this letter back to the CCC in the next 7 days!!
thanks to Nigel, Kerry and Judit for this information.

Finally a big thanks to all the people who made the CanCERN Mid-Winter Xmas Dinner a great event. It was a relaxing fun evening for the kids, partners and members as well as being a reminder of the importance to stop and take a bit of time away from the ongoing earthquake information battles.

Just a wee note to members who take parts from the CanCERN newsletter to use in their own communications with residents – if it’s come from our newsletter, please add a note identifying that.

Warm regards

Leanne and Brian