“Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

Dear Members

An interesting quote this week but one that we are always reminded of when we feel we are moving away from our “working inside the tent, solutions based approach’. It’s an approach that we sometimes find difficult, as do our members from time to time, when we know we are constantly repeating the same messages to the same people over and over with seemingly no change and nothing but a good argument would suffice. Needless to say we continue with our approach, as the protection of our connections is incredibly important if we are to be able to present the ‘residents voices’ to those that need to hear it even if it is the same messages.

This week we have met some interesting folk including Roger Sutton. (see report below). A highlight for me was an invite to the Men’s Shed team and hearing that they are continuing to grow with over 20 groups in the greater Canterbury area. A great bunch of elderly who are not ashamed to admit that if they were to put all the pills they consume on a daily basis into a hat that they could start a chemist. Their candid sense of humour was as inspirational as the work they do and Kathryn and I enjoyed listening to their progress. CanCERN continues to find a way to get them, and the many other groups, the materials from the Red Zone that they need. Like rust we will not sleep until we find a way through. Thanks to all who remain patient and positive.


Brian and Leanne