“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Members

Cantabrians by their very nature are generally a quiet and polite group – stiff upper lip, more English than the English, you know. However, the masses appear to be brewing to make a little noise.

A number of TC3 residents have got together via their different network groups and organised a rally to coincide with the launch of the CCDU Blueprint on Monday 30 July. From all the signs, it seems this rally will draw a large crowd as everyday residents stand up to tell the powers that be that they also exist and want to be acknowledged.

Roger Sutton made the comment last week that he had not heard that people were privately being told something by EQC and the insurers that was different from the public message. He said if that was happening he wanted to hear about it.

Protesting is a strange thing. Some won’t go because they expect the place to be filled with bare-footed hippies, others won’t go because they won’t want to be caught on film as a ‘rabble rouser’. Some won’t go because they’re afraid it will disintegrate into something a little ugly and undignified. A lot though will turn up because they have tried to be noticed in polite ways and it doesn’t seem to be working. TC3 residents feel ignored. They also feel very confused, fobbed off and powerless. A protest is one way to challenge the authority into recognising that they are a group and not a bunch of individuals. The collective group is a powerful tool.

So where will CanCERN be when the protest is going on? Some of our members, red, green and white will decide to attend the rally, some may decide this isn’t their thing. So where will the CanCERN staff be? They’ll be inside trying to get an audience with Gerry or John. And what will they be saying? We can celebrate the progress the CCDU Blueprint signifies but it means very little to us on an organisational level. It will have a huge impact on some of our residents and eventually we will all recognise the importance of the document. Right now however, as many of our residents live in the fog, it’s hard to even have an opinion. That’s what we’ll be saying.

Click here to see the TC3 Rally flyer.

Our second comment of the day is a shorter one and it would be remiss of us not to add it being that leadership is a strategic priority of ours.

In The Press today, Mr Brownlee said of the insurance debacle today and the role of the insurers, ”I think it’s time for us to stop talking about the problems, recognise the Government has stepped up … EQC has stepped up … and [the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority] has stepped up.”

Our questions for you are these;
Has EQC stepped up enough?
Has the Government stepped up enough?
Has CERA stepped up enough?

Read the full article – Brownlee loses patience with insurance companies 27 July 2012.


Brian and Leanne