“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”
– Jonathan Winters

Dear Members

Today we should celebrate all of the very normal but amazing residents who have taken on the role of community leader and are ‘swimming out to meet the ship’.

There are groups popping up all over Canterbury who are affecting change for the better in a bid to have better outcomes for the residents. The decision makers are becoming more aware of the need to engage and listen to the solutions of these leaders and we are seeing small successes. Today I received an email celebrating the change in attitude from an insurer towards an elderly TC3 Parklands resident who attended John Patterson and Councillor Peter Beck’s Older Generation Forum. “They were most sympathetic with their plight and asked if they would like a face to face meeting.”

John invited the insurer, they heard the message, they have acted differently, the resident is happier. This is success!

Well done also to WeCan, TC3 Residents Group and Councillors Tim Carter and Glenn Livingstone for getting an agreement from EQC to publish more detailed data from the Drilling Programme.

Congratulations to the Port Hills Community leaders who convinced CERA to inform the affected residents about the latest zoning decisions before the media and the general public. Obviously there are still plenty of issues for us all but it is an important step forward when the community is being listened to and appropriate actions are taken. Of course hearing news about going ‘red’ or ‘green’ or remaining white is very difficult and our thoughts and support are with all the newly zoned and remaining white zoned residents in the Port Hills.


Brian and Leanne