“Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.”
– Anthony J.D’Angelo

Dear Members

Keeping the wheels rolling can be difficult at times, especially in light of the quagmire of seemingly useless information and the feeling of making no progress. Every week is tough for many but this week we can see some progress and so here is a small list for you to consider:

We were never going to have a review, we got one and the results are out today. The people were heard.
CERA now goes to great lengths to inform ‘The People’ first – before the media
Joint communications has been put in the too hard basket for almost two years. Roger Sutton now sees this as one of his primary goals and is open to using the framework that was designed by CanCERN members.
Insurers are now starting to put more specific time frames to their rebuild plans.
EQC has put a deadline of 2013 for all under cap repairs to be completed

For those who met our Olympic athletes today I hope you gave them all a cheer from us, the ones who had to stay in our respective work places and work. Have a great weekend.


Brian and Leanne