“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Anderson

Dear Members

Very little in the newsletter relates to the quote above but the brilliant sunshine and beautiful daffodils have to be having a positive impact on how people are feeling. Somehow it’s easier to free your mind from the all-consuming earthquake palava when the sun is shining and the flowers are spreading their colour. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Tuesday is 4 September and the 2nd anniversary of the Darfield quake and when this whole thing began. We could look back and review where we’ve been and where we’re at but the whole sunshine and flowers quote is making it less appealing to do that so we’ll just quietly tip our hats to the good people of Canterbury. A special tip of the hat goes to those for whom September was the defining point in the earthquakes – we’re having a special thought for you on Tuesday.

This is more of a ‘thunder cloud’ comment than a ‘sunshine’ comment but here it is anyway. CERA’s Community Meeting held at Avondale last night was a shocking organisational debacle. The hall was not really a hall and staff were turning away many, many frustrated people. Excuses were offered but actually, this was just a monumental oversight and there really is little excuse. The Avondale venue was obviously going to pull people from Avondale, Dallington, Avonside, Aranui and Linwood at the very least. None of these TC3 people have had a comprehensive community meeting before so the numbers were always going to be high. Our message to CERA – change the date if you can’t find a big enough hall on that night! Video of the meeting can be found here and the schedule of future meetings can be found here.