“You can’t determine whether to build a bridge by counting the number of swimmers…”
Marc Andreessen

Dear Members

4 September came and went for people in different ways. We were lucky enough to spend it with community leader Betty Chapman and her community at the Eastenders Endurance Concert. Betty was determined to mark the day with positive connectedness and a celebration of all the people who had worked for the greater good of her community since Sept 2010. It was an uplifting morning and a good reminder that if you are feeling like you can’t always hold yourself up, go and hang out with people who can temporarily do the job for you. Thanks Betty – you’re our 4 September hero!

Data Collection seems like a terribly boring concept unless you have ever suffered the frustration of ‘knowing’ something without having the evidence to back you up. So far, communities have done an amazing job of looking after each other and a few inspired and motivated communities have already began conversations about how they want to live in their community post quakes. All of this is easier, more robust and better organised with the right data though and we want to encourage communities to start MAPPING.

At the next CanCERN meeting, we have some experts coming to start this conversation and hopefully demystify the realm usually fenced for data nerds. From plotting broken paths and potholes to who is having insurance issues this should be a good starter. We want you to come (and bring the others in your community who get a buzz out of data gathering) and get a better understanding of what is possible so that you are better equipped to help your community.


Brian and Leanne