Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success.
Henry Ford

Dear Members

In the beginning, CanCERN brought residents and community leaders together. After a bit of time, we managed to also bring seemingly disjointed groups of decision makers together. It was a start.

For the most part, where we have brought people together, we have managed to keep them together although one could say the resident groups come and go as we meet the need of their community. We are happy to say we are making progress BECAUSE of the strength of keeping people together through sometimes invisible but successful outcomes.

What we want now is for people to work together – we want to residents and communities to work together in their own communities even though they are tired and at times struggle to find motivation. We also want communities to work together with other communities because this is what works well and how we strengthen community led recovery – share resources, ideas and skills. We want to decision makers to start working together because smiling politely over the table is progress but not success.

We need the residential and people recovery to be successful. This is our goal.


Brian and Leanne