Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.
Robert Kennedy

Dear Members

Things are feeling strangely encouraging within CanCERN at the moment and it’s a slightly unfamiliar feeling but one we are happy to grab hold of.

This newsletter outlines some intentions to do things better (which is possibly followed by the realisation that things couldn’t actually be being done much worse!) Of course it is often about timing and progress can be such a frustrating thing when everyone’s sense of urgency comes upon them at different times and the powers that be have their own systems and timelines which never seem to match. However frustration should not get in the way of allowing change to happen.

The city seems to be bustling with workshops and get togethers and rallies at the moment so check out some of what’s on offer in the section at the end of the newsletter: Something that may interest you.
If you haven’t yet done the CERA Wellbeing Survey, get onto that too – CLICK HERE. It’s important that we have a good picture of where people are at and can use this year’s survey as a baseline for making decisions in the future.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Brian and Leanne