“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down
the field and never score.”
– Bill Copeland

Dear Members

The quote speaks for itself – set some goals for this recovery. Break the goals down into sizeable chunks so that you can recognise when you have actually scored and celebrate the things that are achieved.

The Christchurch Democracy Group has set a goal to have many, many Cantabrians turn up for the Rally for Democracy this Saturday, 1 December 2pm at Latimer Square. If this is something you would like to support, set a goal to get there. There’s more information about the aims of this group and contact information in the ‘Something that may interest you’ section of this newsletter.

Thanks to those people who are sharing their information, learnings, expertise, contacts and musings with us. CanCERN is meant to be about the collective residential intelligence and experience and the role it has in helping people and communities to work their way through their recovery. We absolutely rely on being able to share collective learnings and appreciate the expert input. Keep it coming!

If you have information you believe would be relevant and helpful for others or there are issues you would like addressed in the newsletter, please email leanne@cancern.org.nz. We don’t guarantee being able to solve everything but we’re more than happy to explore things we can and where it fits with the organisation.


Brian and Leanne