Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.
Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895)

Dear Members

Ok, we haven’t managed to discover medicinal miracles but after two years of banging on about the same thing, we feel as if we have done the next best thing.

The first objective of CanCERN has always been to improve two-way communications and this week we believe we have taken a (really) major step towards ensuring this happens.

Over the last short while we have been knocking together a proposed framework which is designed to do a few things including:
capture the big questions that continually pop up across the communities,
articulate what resolution of the question might look like and who would need to be part of the discussion
provide a process by which all of the necessary stakeholders can be clear about their position or understanding (including the fact that there may not, at the time, be a position or understanding!)
make it transparent and totally accessible to the public as a tool for getting the information they need as well as holding agencies to account

A framework is in place, CERA has agreed to act as facilitator of the process, key stakeholders have been ‘socialised’ to the idea and many are supportive at this early stage and so we are all keen to trial it. For this to be successful we need to consider it in the good kiwi way – think number 8 wire! Trying it, making headway, understanding there may be mistakes and constant review and alterations to the Framework will be an integral part of the process. The ultimate key is we have good intentions and faith in all the participating parties to make the system work and achieve a coordinated communications process and much clearer communications with the residents of greater Christchurch.

We’re excited and will have trialled this before Christmas so watch this space!

There’s heaps in the newsletter so the ‘Important bits’ has become a “Heads-up of what’s up’’. Hopefully this makes finding the parts of the newsletter relevant to you a little easier.

According to trustee sources at The South Brightside, all going according to plan, Campbell Live tonight is all about EQC, Flood Management Area, TC3, Land Drop, Land remediation, Eastern Suburbs, Council and Insurance companies. It may be a good watch.

And if watching Campbell gets you all churned up, you can go and join others at Latimer Square for the Rally for Democracy – Christchurch Democracy: Our City… Our Say – Saturday 1 December, 2pm. Click here to read more about the aims and contact information for this group.


Brian and Leanne

As per our aim above, we have been arguing about this role a lot more loudly in the last few months especially as we head into the third year. More and more we are attempting to take a leading role. There are a few concerning areas that have been noted because of their resounding silence, not necessarily meaning that nothing is happening but rather, it’s hard to see that anything is happening in a coordinated way or at all. The areas on the top of our list;

  • stress levels of people now and heading towards year 3
  • coordinating the volunteer and pastoral efforts
  • collecting, storing, sharing and using data to avoid duplication
  • red zone deadline
  • confusing communications

Our lead is having an impact.

  • we are bringing together the different agencies and people who are charged with planning and implementing things which address the stress and mental health issues of residents and communities to talk with our community leaders – what are you seeing, what can help, how can you be helped to continue to lead?
  • the need for coordination of the volunteer and pastoral efforts is being discuss at a management level as the issues are now being identified by many who work in this space. Data sharing is part of this discussion.
  • CanCERN is putting data gathered from within the community about the rebuild time frames in front of CERA with the questions needed to seek confirmation of data and next steps if any.
  • Red zone deadline issues are being escalated
  • We have created a Communications Framework which aims to improve communications as well as having other potentially positive spin offs for more efficient prioritisation and decision making.