It is the personal thoughtfulness, the warm human awareness, the reaching out of the self to one’s fellow man that makes giving worthy of the Christmas spirit.”
~ Isabel Currier.

Dear members

There are many ‘thanks’ to be given at this time of the year. CanCERN has been privileged to meet and work with wonderful people, far too many to name individually but there are a few that have to be mentioned. To everyone else, a massive and heartfelt thank you to you for the help/support/advice/inspiration you have given us. CanCERN is about cooperative and collaborative solution focused outcomes ( Click here to read the end of year report) and you have played your part to ensure we can continue to work in that way for the residents of Canterbury.

Community leaders – you are simply amazing. You continue to give and enough thanks cannot be given to say how much you are appreciated for the many hours that you have put in.

Member communities – you are the links that make CanCERN relevant. Thank you for your support of your leaders and the stream of community intelligence that makes community led recovery ‘real’.

To the many ‘pop up’ groups like us that are working in this space of resident advocacy and community building – a massive thank you. You all provide different parts of the puzzle meaning we can do what we do best knowing other bases are being well covered by other great groups. Kia kaha!

Residents – your emails, phone calls and participation in surveys and general patience with the whole process is second to none. Your sincere honesty provide us with the motivation to get through the tough days.

Our funders – Tindall Foundation, Todd Foundation and Hugh Green Foundation – we absolutely could not do this important work without you, so many, many thanks to you and your teams.

CERA staff – Ivan, Michelle, Jo, Julia, Baden, Denise and Roger – thanks for the open door willingness with which you and your teams work with us. The ‘robust’ discussion makes the recovery so much better and we appreciate your commitment to a collaborative relationship. To the rest of the CERA staff we have worked with and not mentioned by name – cheers to you as well.

To the many good people within the insurance industry, local authorities, government organisations, non-profits – a great big hearty thank you to you.

Merry Christmas people and may you all have a wonderfully relaxing and re-energising holiday break.


Brian and Leanne