“Whatever doesn’t kill me… had better start running”
~ Anonymous.

Dear members

Well if 2012 was supposed to be the year of the belligerent resident then going by recent stories in The Press this year will be the year of the Litigating Customer. Whatever it is, we certainly will be pushing for more obvious progress in the residential areas.

CanCERN is not fully back on deck yet but ideas are already being drafted to bring more groups together, to make ourselves stronger and work on simple pathways to generate clear outcomes in support of our members and the residents at large. This has already been indicated by last years work coordinating with community groups on a public communications system, insurance advocacy and support and the recycling project. Of course there is a whole lot of other good things that we have been involved in so please take the time to look at our 2012 Report to see that WE (thats all of those who have contributed) have achieved.

Stay safe everyone. Remember the beach and rivers are free for a swim if the kids are getting a bit cabin feverish or possibly take them on a drive out to the new look Red Zone out in Courtney Drive in Kaiapoi. An amazing transformation and you can always bribe the kids with McDs or Subway on the way back as they are both on the main street and can be enjoyed sitting on the river bank on Raven Quay. Also a big thanks to the efforts of all the contractors and volunteers who are out and about tidying up the long grass and overgrown areas.

Let us know what you are up to so we can bring each other up to datel next week.


Brian and Leanne