“I know an old lady who swallowed a horse…”

Dear members

With all the rain we have been having some four legged rodents have ‘upped the anti’ by heading indoors in some areas. My immediate thought was to send in some cats but then thought we would have to send in some dogs to catch the cats who had been sent in to catch the rats and you know the rest of the song. I guess the question is who is responsible for sorting this out the councils or CERA?
See below for some answers and please let us know if this or similar problems are happening in your area so we can support you by presenting this information at our meetings.

Southern Response has also been busy of late with some people receiving letters notifying them that they will be assessed at the end of 2015 or given project managers in Nov of 2014. This would be a hard letter to read I am sure. If you are one of these people or know about this please send us your feedback.

If you are still on holiday or you have a long lunch break keep an eye on the busker schedule as they are sure to wriggle and tickle and treat you with laughter.


Brian and Leanne