“Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.”

– Warren G. Bennis

Dear members

Kids are the ultimate example of how to manage a ‘situation’. They hold hands when they cross the road, they ask what’s wrong when you are not feeling the best and will remind you when you have forgotten to wash your hands after being to the toilet! Aah we have a lot to learn. Anyway this Sunday is a good opportunity to spend purely fun times with these special wee people at Children’s Day in South Hagley Park. If you want to come together with other families and communities to celebrate the children in our lives, head along. These events are always more fun when you’re actually a kid so make sure you don your best kids hat and participate in a few things.

Please take the time to read the piece on leadership below. We are facing something of a ‘situation’ with regard to the lack of visible articulation of plans regarding the residential rebuild issues. We would be interested in your feedback.


Brian and Leanne