Greed is the inventor of injustice as well as the current enforcer.
– Julian Casablancas
LEADERSHIP – Ensure the right people are brought together to affect a coordinated, transparent approach that will enhance clear decision-making and planning. – (CanCERN strategic plan Feb 2012)

This week Minister Brownlee decided that any interim users of residential red zone land should be charged whether they be a commercial entity or a non-profit community group. For 10 months CanCERN has brought the right people together to affect a coordinated project that ticks all the right boxes and adds positively to the recovery. To get the Recycle, Reuse, Relocate Project up and running, we brought together people from the community, local and central government and the commercial sector and not a single person said it wasn’t a good idea. The only consistent frustration in the whole project has been the slowing down of momentum by protectionist bureaucracy and disconnected systems and decision makers.

We thought the final negative was Gerry’s decision to ignore the collaborative support for the project and to prioritise financial gain over community gain. He said that our use of a short term storage facility in the Residential Red Zone would cost $27+ GST per square metre per annum. This equates to $22000 dollars a year for a standard residential section.

A new negative has emerged today – Gerry has now decided to review that new policy in light of our stated disappointment and has now banned all interim use of the residential red zone apart from CERA operations.

Apart from making our blood boil a burning question comes immediately to mind – If community groups and associations, schools, kindies and church group, Project Management Offices, Salvage contractors, businesses, members of council, councillors can all see that this projects use of the Red Zone for short term storage is a “no brainer” then why can’t the minister, our elected representative, also come to the same conclusion?

from a very saddened

CanCERN Team