“Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood.”
– Russian Proverb
LEADERSHIP – Ensure the right people are brought together to affect a coordinated, transparent approach that will enhance clear decision-making and planning. – (CanCERN strategic plan Feb 2012)

As much as we would like to continue to rant over the frustration of good community ideas stymied by questionable decision making, this week promoting the Land Use Recovery Plan consultation is much better modelling of good leadership. Take the time; it is a vitally important plan.

Land Use Recovery Plan Community Consultation

Remember when the quakes were still rocking hard and fast and you knew on the weekend you were going to be shovelling silt or fixing the fence to keep the dog in? They’re not days we’d like to have again but there was a certain magic about the conversations we had about how we wanted to live. We spoke of villages and connectedness and communal environs that made supporting everyone in the community easy and a privilege.

Well these conversations are back on the table and if we are not careful we will miss them and miss the opportunity that comes with designing life in post earthquake Canterbury. So if you want to tell planners that you don’t want to live in a sardine can identical to the neighbours (and their neighbours and so forth) or you want to talk about the importance of local village shops, or you have ideas about affordable living solutions, make sure you have a read of the guide we have produced here which hopefully makes it all a little easier.

(Click here to go to the Draft Land Use Recovery Plan document). This plan is an attempt to identify which choices will provide the certainty needed by residents, businesses, developers and investors. Seven consultation workshops are planned in the community for residents to have their say. The schedule for these workshops can be found here. All information can be found here – http://www.developingchoices.org.nz

Have a great weekend people

CanCERN Team