Its not our fault we are stuck in S.H.I.D (Suspended in Hell by Intellectual Dawdlers)

Dear Members

We have mentioned in previous newsletters that we, like you, go through a lot of mental anguish, as others talk often about the size and complexity of the problem and the unprecedented nature of the difficulties. I guess if we were to run a poll on who keeps us in the deepest SHID then EQC would have to be right up there. So it is with great pleasure that we award them this week’s SHID award and acknowledge them with the following poem created by Nancy.

Just listen, you good people
And listen carefully,
As I explain the system
Of New Zealand’s EQC.
From a staff of twenty-two
To thousands it did grow,
And of this great Department I’m
Your friendly CEO.

We’ve recruited folk from Brisbane,
From Kaitaia to the Bluff –
Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons –
And cops should things get rough.
Now I know I’ve many critics
But of that I take no heed,
If ever there’s a problem
I just summon Bruce or Reid.

There’s just a minor matter
That really I must mention –
That email that we sent to you
Was never our intention.
My Minister just was not pleased –
He blew a fuse, in fact –
And forced me down on bended knees
To do a grovelling act.

At EQC we’re busy –
No time for silly games –
Our one and only focus is
To settle all your claims.
Should your claim be complex
And we don’t know what to do,
We’ll ponder and pontificate,
Then toss it in a queue.

So should you still be waiting
Then please, do not despair –
We’ll do another ‘sessment
When we call around next year.
It’s important to remember then,
WE’RE HERE TO HELP, you know –
We may not often see you but
You’ll hear our trumpet blow!

Thanks to Nancy from TC3 Residents for this gem.

A thoughtful challenge offered by one astute participant of the Older Generation Forum:
I wonder what might happen if decision makers thought,

“How will people be affected by this decision if we go ahead?”