What we need to do is learn to work for the people, by which I mean that everybody, every team, every platform, every division, every component is there not for individual competitive profit or recognition, but for contribution to every societies mother, father, brother, sister and family. The system as a ‘whole’ for society as a ‘whole’ on a win-win basis.
– a Canterbury version of W. Edward Deming’s original quote

Dear Members

What a torrid week it has been if you have been following the Campbell Live series on TV3. Even though these stories and the level of despair is not new or uncommon, to see it portrayed in such a raw way has been hard to swallow. Well done to all those who have told their stories on camera, through emails and through the media. Our voice should be the most powerful tool we have in this recovery and this week, people have used their voice well.

Thank you to all of those individuals and groups who have sent endorsement letters to Minister Brownlee. If you missed our original response and wish to endorse this then you will find it copied below under ‘Leadership’.

With the hundreds of emails that were sent to Campbell and the hundreds of emails and social network comments that have been made on this topic this week we are amazed and very proud to be a part of a community that can collectively agree on practical solutions and, amongst seemingly unbendable systems and processes, still remain focused on the positive and best ways forward.

Take care all and members we’ll see you at the AGM on Tuesday evening.

The CanCERN Team

Hon. Gerry Brownlee
Minister of Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

22 May 2013

Dear Minister Brownlee

Firstly we would like to thank you for conducting the Campbell Live interview on Monday 20 May regarding the resident’s plight with the Earthquake Commission. Acknowledging their voice is the first step towards resolving issues.

You mentioned in your interview that you had heard the issues but not the solutions. We found this statement disappointing because CanCERN has on numerous occasions tried to engage you in solution focused discussions regarding EQC. We would once again invite that opportunity and have reiterated the areas which have consistently been of most concern and the solutions that have come directly from the residents most impacted by EQC’s delivery of service.

The letter focuses on issues and solutions relating to:
Prioritising the vulnerable
Case management
Discrepancies in assessments – EQC and the private insurer
Management of EQC

To read the rest of the letter – click here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uocpt16XhdQwqISSoT-Zi4tbLedkjK-8hM65qi7gJkk/edit?usp=sharing