“Mama used to say, you have to know someone a thousand days before you can glimpse her soul.” .

Dear Members

I wonder if we have a closer glimpse of Minister Brownlee now that he has released a 100 point summary of what has been achieved in the last 1000 days since the first earthquake back in Sept 2010. – Click here to read the summary – After reading this we are reminded of another quote that was used by a great council just north of here that goes something like.. ‘We will not be measured by the amount of pipe or cable we lay or the money we spend but by the smiles on the faces of the community we serve’.

Our thoughts go out to all who continue to wait, whether you be in the red or the green zone. This week a large number of flat-land red zoners are having to get their heads around extension letters while red zoners on the hill were told to wait longer for review results. Of course all zones are trying to keep warm amongst an array of unresolved of issues and questions.

On a brighter note there is a long weekend ahead and so ‘royal’ scones and tea could be in order unless you are running in the marathon on Sunday. A three day weekend means more time with family and friends so break out the monopoly or the walking shoes. Enjoy.

The CanCERN Team