There’s no denying that this has been a trying week for many residents who are suffering the consequences of land settlement, blocked drains, liquefaction filled streams and unrepaired holes and gaps in their homes. The quote above really sums up so well the feeling of isolation many are feeling and although it won’t be pleasant for those agencies to read, it can’t be ignored. Each new round of clean ups reminds us that people have been doing this for three years and progress in the suburbs is still difficult to see.

It has been positive to see the whirlwind of activity around preparation for the big snow. Recognising the potential for the need to rescue those in really difficult situations is important. What would be great is this same whirlwind of activity and planning going towards addressing the needs of those people in Canterbury who are still very much in rescue phase as they struggle daily with their personal difficult situations.

Kia kaha everyone.

The CanCERN Team