There is so many new things to know about when you’re trying to make decisions about your settlement and repair and rebuild. If someone had told us 3 years ago we would be trawling through the EQC Act and DBH Guidelines in search of the answer to life’s questions I’m sure most of us would’ve laughed. But here we are doing exactly that and more; asking friends to interpret insurance policies, asking strangers to share their knowledge and experience with us in the hopes we’ll pick some tips up and out of a lack of trust, generally bypassing those people we expect should have the answers.

So our (earthquake recovery) life has become about finding the people who know more than us. It’s not a bad thing – wonderful connections have been made in an otherwise disconnected community and very normal people have stood up to help others find answers. Those things should be celebrated so thanks to all of those people out there who have helped someone understand a little more, learn something new, meet the right person to help and those who have shared their expertise.

Of course, if someone has the phone number of the person who has all of the answers we need, please pass it on – it would make this job a little easier!

The Mayoral and Council Candidate responses below have been updated to include new responses (in red) and they are an interesting read so hopefully what they have shared will help you make decisions about who you want to vote in.

Have a great weekend people and if you want to get out and about check out the Open Streets Ciclovia Festival, the River to River Pilgrimage or the beginning of the Breeze Walking Festival – more information here – What is being organised in the community?

Kia Kaha Everyone.

The CanCERN Team