Dear Members

The scope of the information that is needed for residents repairing, rebuilding and living in the Flood Management Area is definitely ‘bigger than Ben Hur’.

CanCERN has hosted two Flood Management Area focus group sessions over the last fortnight to get a sense of the things that are causing concern to these residents, the priority areas that need to be resolved to allow them to make decisions about their properties and their lives and to do a bit of analysis about what types of communication conduits are going to provide value to residents as CERA attempts to coordinate a communication plan. Thirteen pages of notes later, we have definitely captured the complexity of the issue from a residents perspective and it is a little overwhelming to say the least. Add to this the complexity agencies are also facing in this area as they cope with new information, conflicting information and conflicting timeframes for when each will deal with their responsibilities and we are facing a communication plan of epic proportions. Patience and tolerance will be necessary. Coordination and leadership will be mandatory.

Below I have summarised the information from the focus groups but I have also added the link to the full notes. The questions are not meant to be read as ‘FAQ’s’ but rather an example of the type and scope of information that residents believe is necessary. If you do not believe this has been captured please feel free to email and add your comments. These will also be collated and added to the documentation.

The document itself will be sent to CERA and will used to inform their coordinated communication strategy. We are hoping to form a small group of community leaders who will work with CanCERN and CERA to follow up on this process. It will also be sent to all insurers, Insurance Council NZ, EQC, CCC, MBIE, ECan and we will ask CERA to share it with others who may benefit from seeing the document. The purpose of sending it to these agencies is so that they too can start preparing their own communications based on what residents have identified as necessary information and also to start to address some of the myths which are being bandied about in the community and are causing unnecessary stress.

In the meantime, keep talking to the sun gods out there because the less rain we have, the better.

Have a great week.

Kia Kaha Everyone.
The CanCERN Team