Dear Members

Change is afoot within the Christchurch City Council and they have certainly let go of fears and are making bold moves. One of the biggest indicators of change for CanCERN was the fact that community was acknowledged as meaningful CCC partners (CanCERN representing in this instance) and we were invited to a briefing about the proposed changes with representatives from CERA, Ngai Tahu, Chamber of Commerce and ECan. We see this as a positive step and a definite sign of the new council’s commitment to put community at the table as equal partners. Other official bodies have always feared having to choose someone or some single organisation to represent community so have been crippled by the fear of choosing wrongly. Mayor Lianne Dalziel has faced the fear and made a decision to just start. We thank her for this and know that this sets a pathway to much better engagement between the council and the communities of Christchurch.

See excerpts from today’s CCC Media release regarding senior management restructure or click here to read the full release.

‘A proposal to reorganise Christchurch City Council’s executive management structure aims to focus the organisation on the city rebuild, strengthen relationships with key partners and the community and ensure we have senior financial capability in place.

Council Acting Chief Executive Jane Parfitt says the Council’s structure has not been significantly changed since 2003.

“Since then our world has changed and the Council needs to change with it. The Canterbury earthquakes and the subsequent need to rebuild Christchurch have altered the way the Council operates – the proposed changes aim to create a “fit for purpose” organisation which can drive the rebuild of the city.

The three key drivers that underpin the proposal are:

  • The rebuild of Christchurch – the Council needs to structure itself cope with the $40 billion rebuild

  • Strengthening the Council’s relationships and reputation with a number of parties including central Government, the Council’s partners in the rebuild and the wider community.

  • Financial sustainability – Council’s finances will be under pressure. Priorities may need to be revisited.

  • Change proposal


Kia Kaha Everyone.

The CanCERN Team