Dear Members

Everyone has a part to play in the recovery. It appears from discussions that most of us would like to take over the recovery in its entirety because we tend to think we can do a more collaborative, more coordinated and more compassionate job. However, we residents don’t run the recovery; we don’t make the insurance decisions and we don’t organise the repair and rebuild of our homes.

We still have a role though and that is to ‘make good things happen’. Some people are doing this by getting involved in the planning of their community space. Others are happy to ignore the earthquake part of their life as best they can and make good things happen in other areas of their life. There are quite a few though who need a reminder that kiwis are good at the ‘number 8 wire’ mentality – we look at a problem, we get creative and we use what we have around us to make things better. This can apply to our situations here and now.

If you are getting bogged down by questions you and your community need answers for – ‘get up and do something’ and use the online form for Community Questions and Issues. This is a community tool so don’t wait for someone else to get the answer – get it yourself.

If you’ve got a home that is just not an ok home while you wait for a permanent fix – ‘get up and do something’ and fill in the Winter Campaign form here. This is a community tool as well so don’t wait in a freezing house with holes in – get the community to fix it.

If you are really stuck and just don’t know how to make some progress – ‘get up and do something’ and make an appointment with the Residential Advisory Service by calling 03 379 7027 or 0800 777 299. They may just be the support you need to take steps ahead.

If you feel like you’re only just holding onto your sanity or perhaps feel it’s quickly slipping away – ‘get up and do something’ and call your GP or the Canterbury Earthquake Support line on 0800 777 846. They’ll either offer you a way to connect with your sanity or head you in the direction of people who can help. Earthquake Support Coordinators are part of this and have helped many, many people navigate their way through decisions.

And when you have done something for yourself, think about getting up and doing something for your neighbour and then your street and your community. Join with the other people around you and start doing something to make some things happen. Tell people about the tools and supports available. Help someone to get their house a little warmer by filling in the form. Organise a small group to do some baking and go and share some love with someone who finds it hard to get out and about on the broken footpaths.

‘Wonderful’ can just be making things a little more bearable. ‘Wonderful’ can be something to help yourself and your neighbour. There’s nothing wonderful about sitting around waiting. Get up and do something with the tools and resources we have available – it will make us feel less helpless, more wonderful and definitely offer some hope.

Kia Kaha Everyone.

The CanCERN Team