Dear members

Last week members and residents were expressing concern about Southern Response assessments and timelines for repair.  Since then we have communicated with a number of residents, Southern Response and other insurers.  The outcome so far suggests that actually many of the assessments have been done (unless they are held up by other variables) and so as we asked last week, if you haven’t been assessed please let us know or contact your insurer directly.  Also if you are hearing these stories and have the time please listen in a little longer to hear actually what is going on as you may be able to clarify a misunderstanding or find someone who has “slipped passed the wicket-keeper” and needs some help.  

If you know something that could help a neighbour or friend or have not had an assessment please email

In the meantime you may want to click here and read where 51M of the PM fund money has been spent or if you are a dad you may want to quickly get on the blower to get yourself a free weekend kayaking with one of your kids. (Click Here).

Have a stunning weekend everyone


Brian and Leanne