The lack of visible collaboration between recovery agencies has destabilised many residents faith in the recovery and the consequences of little collaboration have directly added to the trauma of the recovery.

Information is often confusing, contradictory and full of gaps as a result of agencies working in silos. The timing with which different agencies address the various priorities has mean that residents are trying to make decisions about the reinstatement of their homes with little certainty of the overall picture of their property and community. It’s not a wonder that we continue to question where the overall leadership of the residential recovery is. Surely we are not wrong to believe that someone should be playing the role of conductor in this recovery orchestra.

Well, the good news is that we can tentatively start whispering that perhaps the recovery agencies have realised that working more closely together is going to lead to better outcomes and less collateral. Note that we are only at whispering stage but we have definitely noticed a ripple of collaboration and coordination so we will look for (and initiate) opportunities to bring the resident voice into those collaborative planning conversations.

It is a beginning; let’s hope that can quickly turn that into progress and success.