and it’s all right to:
grieve for what we’ve lost
feel proud of how we have coped
feel blue now and then
feel frustrated at times
feel over it some days
be excited about our future

September 2010 was the beginning of what has often been a stressful and traumatic time in our lives but there is no denying that the February 22 quakes of 2011 shook this city to the core. The loss has been overwhelming at times and  more comprehensive than we can explain to those who live out of the city.

There really aren’t enough words that can speak to the different audiences because all of us will approach the third anniversary in a different way. We would like to take the time though to thank the people who continue to support those people in the community who feel so stuck three years on.

Approaching the anniversary, we are often asked what is the most important part of the recovery for the coming fourth year and our response is pretty much the same as last year and the year before that – collaboration and coordination. The difference this year is that we have a little more faith that the recovery agencies are finally agreeing with us and are working in a more intentionally collaborative way.

This may sound a bit fluffy but we need this for a more certain recovery. This year we intend to help make those collaborative efforts more visible to the community. We want to help build faith in the recovery. We want to show people that they can have confidence that their issues are being resolved.

Mostly we want this new found intent to collaborate and coordinate to be actioned and we intend to play whatever role we can to ensure the collaboration involves the resident and community voice.

Be kind to people tomorrow – we all deserve it.