Last Saturday, the third anniversary of the February 2011 quakes, was a difficult day for many. I for one just felt very sad and very sorry for almost everyone that we have had to go through the past three years. Winners, losers, progress makers or the stuck; the journeys have been immense and much sadness has come out of that day.

This week though has not been a week of sadness but one of change and excitement.

The new and improved website is now live at The newsletter is now officially presented in a more accessible format. You can scan the headings and pick and choose what is helpful information from you. You can also browse through the topics published in past newsletters or use the search tool to bring up relevant information. It is easier to write and we hope it is easier to read and share.

There is still a lot of work to do and some pages need to be updated but we hope the simplified pages make it easier to find information. Check out the different sections and feel free to give us some feedback. Email

Community Questions and Issues are due to go live next week on a new and much improved website rebranded as ‘In the Know’. The improvements we have made mean quicker turn around on quality responses to your priority question. We intend to brief members and social media administrators over the coming weeks so that community leaders and their networks can best engage with this communication tool.

CanCERN has been interviewing this week. Because Brian moved into a project management role and Kathryn recently moved onto other adventures, we have found ourselves with two positions to fill. Applicant calibre was high and we are happy to be bringing two exciting people into the CanCERN Team. Names and faces are secret though until we finalize details so keep an eye on this space.

Find the 900 is trucking along and a project manager starts on Monday. This will mean the project can be signed, sealed and most importantly, delivered to the residents in Canterbury who need temporary repairs done before winter.

So as much as the organisation needs to focus on the things that make life hard for the stuck people, we also need to celebrate the things that will hopefully make things a little easier as well. It has been a good week to celebrate.