How do you talk to this man?
If any of you were watching TV earlier this week you may have seen this man, nicknamed ‘The Bald Eagle,’ shave all his hair off, in public, to raise money for Leukemia.  But that event took place in Wellington and distant relationships are hard to maintain.  If you are quick enough, you can catch glimpses of him riding around Christchurch.  But that is a dangerous way to start a conversation.  Of course if you click the above picture it will take you to his ‘March Chief Executive’ update and in 4 minutes and 36 seconds you can hear him summarize what is happening with the progress of our city. But that is hardly the way to strike-up a chat.

So no prizes for guessing that it is hard to talk to Roger because he is one very busy man.  BUT, he is on the radio, there is an 0800 number and you can leave comments under his video updates.

Keep talking Christchurch.


The CanCERN Team