In the Know is all about asking questions and getting answers and has had a great response from the public with over  1000 unique visits to the website last weekend.  If you haven’t  checked it out yet please take some time to have a  look.

Roger Sutton continued to ask questions of community leaders at the Recovery  Leaders Forum on 20th of this month as he, the council and others updated everyone on what is happening.  (As soon as we receive the power points from this we will put them up online).

The Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities workshop, (made possible by a very hard working CCC), certainly raised the question about whether we should find a new word to replace ‘resilient’ and left many of us thinking about how we will take this discussion out into the community.  This project is going to need a lot of kiwi ingenuity, which we know this city has plenty of, so bring it on Mayor!

But what is the BIG conversation that CanCERN has been generating behind the scenes with Insurers, EQC, CERA, CCC, CEA, Red Cross and many others over the last few months?

Wednesday, Campbell Live…