To say that this week has been mammoth is the understatement of the week.

CanCERN has welcomed two new staff on board – Sarah and Marcus – and already we know they are going to add energy and a skill set that will really enhance what we can do. They’ll be out and about soon meeting members and others in the community so make them feel welcome.

Of course, they have walked right into the final stages of planning for ‘Let’s Find and Fix’ so it has been a baptism of fire for them.

‘Let’s Find and Fix’ is a really special project so get in behind it and spread the word. Someone you tell may have a much better winter because of it.

‘In the Know’ is also rocking along and the questions have flooded in. The Think Tank team has been working hard to get all of the questions uploaded and we are continuing to work with responding agencies to ensure their responses are both quick and meaningful. It’s an ever evolving process and like almost everything, it will get better with practise so keep spreading the word about this project as well. We know it has helped people already.

The other big topic of the week has been what Leanne learnt from spending two weeks in Victoria, Australia looking at how they are dealing with disaster recoveries. It really has been too much to process over the week so hopefully by next week Leanne will have her thoughts in some semblance of order and share the similarities and differences between both country’s recoveries. Word is, there are more similarities than differences.

The CanCERN Team