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Here we are in September; Spring is officially here and Winter is over for another year. Let’s Find & Fix, however, is still scurrying around tidying up loose ends.

One of those loose ends has been trying to connect with people who initially contacted us or were door knocked but we haven’t been able to get hold of since. Several calls have been made and visits to some houses were carried out, but unfortunately we haven’t had much success. So last weekend, with the help of CERA, we sent out letters to over 100 households asking them to get in touch with us. If you initially registered and are still waiting on a response please give us a call on 0800 233 551.

As it stands, the Let’s Find & Fix contractors have temporarily repaired over 350 houses, completed over 500 individual repairs ( as more than one repair was done on some properties), and have only 40 houses left to do.

The 0800 number is still open

Since the official closing date for the campaign (July 31st, 2014) there have only been a few new calls to the 0800 number, but it is still open. However, because the campaign has ended, so too has CanCERN’s role in leading it. What this means is that if you call the number now you’ll deal with the great staff at Community Energy Action.

But we haven’t completely disappeared! Although we’re not leading the campaign any more, we are still involved in the final stages of it. We are continuing to follow the progress of those who registered during the public campaign until they have their temporary repair(s) done. We also have the important job of making sure a robust evaluation of the campaign is carried out. We believe the community-led multi-agency partnership has been a winner and we are keen to understand what went well and what could’ve been done better to ensure more projects like this can come from the wisdom and expertise of the community.


People have at times been worried about getting temporary repairs done on their home whilst waiting for the final reinstatement. CanCERN has heard this and worked with partners to take the worries away and get temporary fixes done so the homes are safe, sanitary, weather-tight and warmer before winter rolls around.

The type of damage that would constitute needing a temporary repair are:

  • Holes in external walls, the roof or floor, or where residents still have gaps covered in plastic.
  • Problems with drainage where the toilet backs up, or there is raw sewerage/waste water or polluted liquefaction lying on the property
  • External windows and doors that do not open, shut or lock property.

If this sounds like your home or you know someone who lives in a home like this, contact Let’s Find and Fix on 0800 233 551. An assessment will take place and if necessary, contractors will do a temporary repair. The great news is that approved temporary repairs do not come off your temporary accommodation cover and they will not effect your final reinstatement.

This is a collaborative project and we are immensely proud of the way the project has come together. CanCERN put the problem and solution out there and every agency and organisation has jumped at the chance to be part of the project so that we can get on and make homes safer, warmer and drier before winter.

Thanks to the following partners and supporters:
Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust, Red Cross, Community Energy Action, CCC, CERA, EQC, Insurers and Claims Managers.

A massive thank you to Julia (our awesome Project Manager) and all of the individuals within these organisations who have come into this community-led space with us and naturally to our funders The Tindall Foundation, The Todd Foundation and the Hugh Green Foundation.

If you have any questions about the project feel free to email brian@cancern.org.nz

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